About Us

Our Vision
A peaceful community proactively working together to adopt new methods in the Hope of a better
and healthier future than at an affordable cost of living with opportunities for Man and care for

Our Mission
Introduce, facilitate and monitor the adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions
for agricultural and pastoral farming and to promote secondary production, all for greater economic
returns and development for the local community and wider society.

Our Goals

Why Hope Farms Initiative

The Hope Farms Initiative, conceived on Wednesday August 7, 2019 was set in motion as an urgent appeal to the local population of Kumbo Central to encourage farmers to plant despite the reigning conditions of social uncertainty in a bid to lessen the impact of the impending food shortages. The local inhabitants, who either could not afford the cost of fleeing the conflict zone or had nowhere to run, had been fortunate to see their crops reach maturity. However, it was noted that a significant number of the farms had not been cultivated at all. Many of the crops seemed to have no one to harvest them; their proprietors having fled to safety.

August is the month during which preparations are made for the second planting season. It was evident that most people had no intention of planting. In addition, the people of Kumbo have long had the regrettable cultural practice of letting their livestock loose during this period. Furthermore, the life threatening insecurity felt by the population seemed to be an additional guarantee that in the face of the great risk of food shortages compounded by all accompanying ills – illness, unemployment, crime, and so much more, the community had no voice to lead the way and spur it into a proactive effort to avert further suffering in already bad situation.

It is for these reasons that a call to action with a message of HOPE was embarked upon. The people were encouraged to Shine a Light in their darkest hour to lead the way to a Better and Brighter future. They were asked to not simply wait in helpless despair for humanitarian assistance to come but to prepare to be able to do their own share to assist their very own brothers and sisters with their children at their greatest hour of need. They would cultivate their land, as well as the lands of those who were not around on express permission, and restrain their livestock. We would all Hope that as community made a proactive non-partisan peaceful effort, both belligerent parties would not oppose such a laudable goal lest they lose face before all observers and their respective supporters; a path to normalcy and reason would begin to open up.

By Sunday August 12, 2019 the Appeal for Hope was launch in the first two religious congregations whose leaders had approved of. 55 farmers immediately signed on to participate. Religious congregations were the only effective and affordable means of passing the message to the widest possible range of locals at this time. By the second week, the number rose to 99. By September 15, the official deadline for planting, the number had risen up to 300. The number of interested farmers, agricultural and pastoral, has been rising ever since.  The Hope Farms Initiative is proud to say it  encouraged so many to grow beans and soya beans against all odds and has now embarked on its pledge to educate these farmers on how to improve their productivity and to assist them to reap better economic benefits for all.

It became evident on the very first day from feedback that this message was relevant to the entire Division of Bui and not just its headquarters, Kumbo Central Subdivision. Farmers made request for the Initiative to reach out to further out areas where some of their farms are to enable them and their communities their help themselves and their families too. This prompted an adjustment to the initial target for outreach. Unfortunately, due to limited personal resources used for this venture, it was not possible to effectively reach communities beyond Kumbo Central although a significant number have still managed to reach the Initiative from the distant localities.

Our Values

Centred on the Interests of the Community

We believe the guidance of the community will help the Initiative reflect their interests and stay the course.

While the main area of focus has been predetermined by its founders, Hope Farms Initiative listens to the members of the community to steer the orientation of a number of its projects. This is to ensure that while we strive to attain the major goals that require centralised reflection, we do not lose sight of the immediate and strategic economic interests of the people. Quite often, it is in taking care of what helps immediately in small and sustainable ways that gets the community to commit to goals that only bring benefits in a relatively distant future.

Free Humanitarian Support

The prime beneficiaries of the Hope Farms Initiative are farmers who have registered to participate in the activities of the initiative freely and without charges or further responsibility. Our activities are also open to all members of the public who are interested in any given event or project when they occur with no discrimination.

Mutual Respect

Membership or the chance to participate is open to all. Political opinion, socio-economic status, educational background, religion, gender, ethnic or any such difference do not matter. We only require that participants remain mindful of the boundaries and sensibilities of others without any form of derision or exclusionary attitude.

Helping the most vulnerable

Hope Farms Initiative accords a special interest in the most vulnerable groups in our communities – widows, orphans, the disabled and the elderly with little to no family support – who have been particularly affected by the ongoing crisis. Our projects are designed to help the people to recover their dignity by quickly becoming self-reliant for those of an employment age and to provide a measure of assistance for the dependent.

Free Education

We believe the most effective way to bring a significant shift in the fortunes of the community is to bring the people the knowledge they require to grow. It is by freely sharing the wealth of practical experience of technicians and techniques from all around the world that systems in the community can quickly develop sustainably and for all.

Care for the Environment

We believe we are no more than the custodians of the gift of nature bestowed on us and have a duty to preserve its beauty and diversity for future generations. For this reason, we educate and encourage the practise of organic methods and the virtues of a vibrant biodiversity to our health. Nevertheless, we are pragmatic about resistance to the less promising short-term benefits. Better to guide the less convince farmers on the “proper” use of inorganic inputs. The farmers will then be more willing to listen to our warnings on the long-term impact of these methods on the environment. Slow and steady wins this race.

Innovative Spirit

Hope Farms Initiative strives to bring a measure of novelty in all its projects to the community. Sometimes, it is about tried and tested age all practices in other parts of the world that are unknown or just neglected in our communities. Sometimes it is to share the little experience of ordinary members to improve their own methods. Quite often, it is getting people to think business, not just subsistence. We excitedly look forward to witnessing the creativity of our team and the people seeking locally adapted solutions to the challenges of economic development, big or small.


Hope Farms Initiative has made it an obligation to keep the community informed of its actions and decisions by adopting a system of full disclosure to members of other committees. This especially applies to the area of finance and equipment management to ensure autoregulation and attainment of objectives.

Religious Oversight but Secular

Hope Farms Initiative is an organisation born of the religious conviction of its promoters and members; the conviction that we are duty bound in times of strife to make an effort to be our neighbour’s keeper, to be the Light of Hope in a time of despair. And to call on the courage of the simple man and woman to believe this truth:

Working together with dedication, we can bring peace and the change we want to build the future we long for.

This is the extent of any message of a religious character we share. Hope Farms Initiative is open to all and respectful of the people’s sensibilities. In our communities, religious authorities are the ones the people trust in the ongoing crisis. For, these reasons, Hope Farms Initiatives has integrated rules to preserve and guarantee the organisation will stay the course it has set for the community in its core structure.

Hope for Better Days to Come

Hope that we can do more than survive; Hope that working together will encourage others in other areas of activity to do same; Hope that others will see the common man and woman’s aspirations for a normal life as the true point of focus for change and progress; Hope that seeking a future we want by positive action, the ordinary man and woman can play a meaningful role in the return of Peace and a Better and Healthier Tomorrow for All.

Organisation Structure

Central Structure

Executive Committee

Technical Committee

Congregation Leaders Committee

Community Branches

Who can be a Member

  • Membership is open to all farmers and livestock owners who have elected to participate and embrace the ideal of Hope Farms Initiative.
  • Members of the clergy of the congregations that have approved the Hope Farms Initiative under whom members of the public have registered to participate in its activities.
  • Individuals and well-wishers volunteering to act as resource persons for the Hope Farms Initiative.


Hope Farms Initiative places no burdens on members. They are free to participate and have a say in the path the organisations takes and the programs it carries out.


Members are the primary (but not exclusive) beneficiaries of activities undertaken by the organisation. The freely obtain knowledge and guidance that will help them improve their output sustainably; consult with technicians to find solutions to immediate difficulties; get assistance in conceiving, designing implementing plans to help mutualise resources, and so much more.


No particular binding obligations are placed on ordinarily members who are mostly simple farmers, striving to make a living in hard times. Ordinary members are free to attend the General Assembly and community meetings as their schedules allow. Because of the current hardship, any attempt to compel any member to make any form of contribution by any individual in a position of authority is subject to a disciplinary action.

Members in position of authority, are expected to be informed and mindful of the core values of Hope Farms Initiative in the exercise of their assigned duties. The most binding directive is to strictly refrain from and discourage any reflections on the political crisis in any Hope Farms Initiative forum or activity. We strongly believe focusing on what binds us as a people will remind people that even when our opinions differ, we are not really so different. We can live together and work for a Better Tomorrow.

Who Do We Work With

Hope Farms Initiative activities are open to all residents of Bui Division. Any person interested in benefiting from any of our projects or programs is free to attend. There is no compulsion to become a member of the association or respect its rules.

We welcome any individuals or group of persons residing outside of Bui Division to our activities too. We, however, will require that they be ready to be responsible for any additional strain on our resource for our targets such participation may cause.

The one requirement demanded of all: No politics at our activities! We want people to remember – at the end of it all, we all want the same thing. We can’t let how we think we can get there keep us from working together to get there.

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Hope Farms Initiative is a legally authorised Humanitarian Aid and publicly recognised organisation – Authorisation Ref No: O5/AR/E.26/AF/M/ALPAS/118.

Our Charter is available to any individual who wishes to become a member.

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