Help An Entire Local Community

Hope Farms Initiative’s team of volunteer technicians is passionate about reaching out to communities all around Bui Division in Cameroon. So far they have sacrificed personal resources
especially time to deliver their knowledge freely to the people. We understand the economic hardships these brave people face – we share in them every day. It is why we have pledge not to tax
them at the current time with any form of participation fee. But there is just so much that the team can do with its meagre resources.

You can help us bring Hope to a local community by sponsoring a trip for a Community Sensitisation/Empowerment Workshop. This is the opening phase of activity in our communities. During the workshop, participants learn about some a few simple eye opening techniques and methods to improve their output, be it with crop farming or livestock keeping. We also create the
necessary contacts to do distance follow up and organise on the ground training and demonstration in smaller clusters. This way we hope with determination to reach as many people as possible to
attain a truly meaningful change.