Hope Farms Initiative Launches Sensitisation and Training in Communities

Hope Farms Initiative did its formal launching of activities within communities at the Shisong Catholic Parish Church hall. The Vice President, Rev. Pastor Fai Oliver Ndzi, and Cofounding Promoter and Head of the Livestock Division, Ntansi Mourine, each gave a word about why Hope Farms Initiative was at Shisong – Encourage the community to Light the Candle of Hope for a return to Peace by proactively and affirmatively, as a community, work towards a better future through farming and with professional freely given assistance from Hope Farms Initiative to;

• Bring about a radical shift towards modern methods in agriculture
• Teach local farmers to approach farming with a business mindset
• Facilitate sustainable economic development through the creation of agricultural produce transforming industries
• Introduce systems to promote fair trade for farmers.

Our first order or of business, however, was to urgently encourage the people to act to be able to play a part in staving off the impending food shortages due to the still ongoing socio-political crisis in the English speaking Regions of the country.

Hope Farms Initiative chose to encourage the cultivation of Soybeans and Beans – Soybeans for its health benefits but also the transformation industry potential once the local output became even more significant.

Mr Forcho N. Mbah:

Senior Agricultural Technician coming out of retirement to lead the team of agricultural technicians. Giving a talk on Soybeans and stresses a true technician is known on the farm and not in a hall to make our intensions for the future clear. Speaking in the local English creole (pidgin English).

Manjo Collins Agricultural Technician stresses the importance of approaching agriculture as a business and keeping farm records.

Mbiydzenyuy Jean-Marie, Livestock Technician explains the major differences in three livestock keeping methods: Free Range (the common and outdated locally practiced system), Intensive, and Semi Intensive systems.

Doris Yiewo, Veterinary nurse, calls attention to the need for peaceful coexistence between crop and animal farmers. She makes it clear they the Hope Farms Initiative team will do all it can to help animal farmers make the transition to modern methods and improved returns.

Participant call the attention of Hope Farms Initiative to a worrisome phenomenon of dogs abandoned to the themselves turning feral. Either due to the difficulty of feeding their own families or because the owners fled in terror at the sounds of active combat, these dogs fending for themselves often prey on tethered goat and roaming poultry. Thanks to this event the community can begin to think of how to address this issue. Yiewo Doris and her colleagues of Hope Farms Initiative are now working on a plan to address this problem as well as the question of animal rights in general and pet welfare. Economic hardships have allowed the plight of animals to go unattended for too long.