Kikaikelaki, Lighting the Beacon Candle of Hope

People coming together to Shine The Light of Hope for a better tomorrow in the darkest hour – This is the vision. No other community this far has been a bigger representative of the conception purpose of the Hope Farms Initiative.

More than just a determined path to first preserve the little precarious food security the people have held on to for decades; more than a desire to move forward from getting by on the barest survival rations with strenuous work that far exceeds the gains it brings, Hope Farms Initiative is about an affirmation on what the people want and working wilfully towards this goal. This is what the Hope Farms Initiative Community in Kikaikelaki has committed to: All by itself!

Kikaikelaki, a small settlement in Kumbo Central Subdivision in Bui is one of the communities that has been hit hardest by the ongoing crisis in Anglophone regions of the country. The people have witnessed armed conflict centre stage during the past three years. Many, having nowhere to go opted
to remain in their homes while others fled to relative safety to other parts of the country. One would imagine the utmost despair, helplessness and fear would grip such a community. For a time, may be. But all it took was a small candle of Hope to be lit, thanks to the efforts of Hope Farms Initiative Community organiser, Mr Mbinkar Emmanuel.

The cofounding promoters of Hope Farms Initiative set about on foot braving deserted foot paths a small area of Kumbo where they could reach with their limited means with their message to spark a humble flame. All it took was a few minutes with a small gathering at the residence of the Churches of Christ pastor by the Nso palace for this exemplarily action minded native of Kikaikelaki to grill the promoters with questions and decide to commit with dedication.

Result: Despite the team of volunteer technicians and promoters not being able to actually reach Kikaikelaki so far due to logistic challenges, this community boasts the largest single Hope Farms
Initiative local Community with over 200 participants, in just 3 weeks, and counting. With Mr. Mbinkar and a hand full of people he shared the message with completely without
intervention from the Hope Farms Initiative core team save for a few phone calls to clarify objectives and guidelines, the people organised themselves. They regularly meet to share ideas on how to
improve the efforts and motivate one another to brave their farms to stave off the imminent threat of food shortages – What’s more? In an active conflict zone! They may need support to really make things turn around permanently for a better tomorrow. But they are determined to get there with the efforts of their minds and hearts if that is all they will get.

People of Kikaikelaki, the Hope Farms Initiative team of promoters and agricultural technicians pledge to do their best to share their knowledge with you to produce more sustainably and to get a fair return for your efforts from trade. We salute you for this Light of Hope you hold up to dispel the Darkness. Here’s to the Brave people of Kikaikelaki!